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China Lottery Operations

The Group is one of the most comprehensive providers of lottery solutions for both Sports Lottery and Welfare Lottery Solutions in China. The Group provides a line of in-house developed software and hardware solutions to lottery authorities in China as well as establishing its own network of outlets selling lottery authorities’ products. In addition a number of firsts in the China’s lottery industry and a number of local certifications and accreditations, the Group is also a World Lottery Association (“WLA”) Associate Member and is WLA Security Control Standard (“WLA SCS”) certified. This is the only internationally recognized security standard for the lottery sector. The WLA SCS couples a comprehensive information security management baseline incorporating ISO 27001 with additional lottery-specific security controls representing current security best practice.

CVG has a comprehensive range of in-house developed software and hardware solutions. Quite simply, CVG can provide everything a lottery operator needs to run a lottery. The Group’s software and hardware supports traditional computer ticket generation, scratch and win and high frequency game formats, and self-service lottery. These solutions are provided to China’s lottery authorities usually on a long term contract and point sharing basis.

The Group’s software ranges from the central servers to equipping lottery outlets in handling ticket generation, accounting, banking and statistical analysis. The Group’s software can handle traditional computer lottery ticket generation right thru to high frequency lottery games and self-service lottery.

On the hardware side, the Group offers a terminal range extending from retail terminals, to individual touch-screen self-service lottery terminals which caters to high frequency lottery games, to the first locally developed lottery play enabled video on demand equipment.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

In 2016, the Company has launched an end-to-end interactive in-store marketing technology solutions consisting of out-of-home (“OOH”) advertising and public information dissemination services on in-store LED display panels, and a revolutionary electronic coupon distribution and physical lottery ticket redemption system, Le Yao (“樂搖”) utilizing iBeacon backed location-based BLE technology on the PRC’s leading text and voice messaging communication service platform.

The solution won Gold Award for “Technology for dissemination system of public information and advertising” at the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in April 2016.

The innovative marketing services will transform lottery consumption behavior that will be catalytic in increasing lottery sales, creating a win-win situation between third-party advertisers in marketing outreach while providing new revenue streams for the Group.

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